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It is not uncommon for many people to survive the wake, funeral ceremonies and burial or cremation services on pure adrenaline and the numbing effect that nature provides in the form of mild shock. You are too busy tending to all the arrangements and greeting your friends and relatives to even begin to consider the very real emotional strain you are experiencing. But the strain is there, and you will need to deal with death in one way or another.

At Dewhirst Family Funeral Care we understand this more than any other funeral service provider. Having gone through the loss of loved ones ourselves has taught us that the funeral process doesn’t end with the burial or cremation of the body. Service to our client families continues long after everyone else has gone back to their own lives as you are still trying to regroup from what may be the most traumatic experience you’ve had to face.

Our service to our families continues forward in several specific ways:

We are there to provide emotional support when coping with loss. Once the funeral ceremony is through, it can be a very lonely and difficult place for a grieving family. When everyone has gone back to their own lives, who will be there to provide grief support? We are acutely aware of the void that forms when a person dies, and we step in to fill that space for our client families. We have a program of regular contact with our families to make sure that they are making positive progress in the recovery process.

We provide “real life” support services. Aside from the work we do with our families on an emotional level are the real life support services we provide. Every family has post service practical needs when dealing with death - Changing a car title, filing for social security or veterans benefits, filing insurance paperwork, pension claims, etc. We work with our families until ALL the loose ends are tied up and all the real life needs have been addressed.

We are connected to a network of support services and affiliated advisors who specialize in all manner of service to folks after a death has occurred, no matter what needs our families may have. Whether it is spiritual, legal, accounting, general home maintenance, estate planning, governmental assistance, or a combination of several, we work with you in determining your needs and aligning you with the proper advisor to handle the situation.

We provide friendship. What most folks need at a time like this is simply a friend to be there with them. Someone who will listen, support, and help you get through the difficult times. To everyone at Dewhirst Family Funeral Care, you are a friend first and a client second.

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